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Grandiflora Genetics

Rare and exotic Grandiflora Genetics flavors available at Ice Kream Dispensary

Innovative, exclusive and authentic are three words used to describe the marijuana strains bred in the Bay by Grandiflora Genetics.

Grandiflora has been breeding unique strains since 2008, but the brand recently upped its distribution game by partnering with leading lifestyle and cannabis brand Cookies. 

Prolific Bay Area rapper Berner, CEO of Cookies, discovered Grandiflora Genetics a few years ago and sent Grandiflora a message on Instagram complimenting the product. After Berner toured Grandiflora’s facility one day in 2018, a partnership (and lots of bud) blossomed.

"It has to be one of the most exciting days in my life by far,” Grandiflora founder Mark McAfferty said. “We met up and shortly after we started the talks of a partnership. It took a few days for me to realize it was really happening. I have always listened to Berner's music, so I was beyond thrilled to move forward. Grandiflora is an Oakland brand that started all from the Bay Area around culture around cannabis.”

The partnership with Cookies assisted Grandiflora with the support necessary to expand distribution across the state and beyond, including to Ice Kream Dispensary in Studio City. 

Grandiflora develops rare and exotic flavors and sells them as flower, pre-rolls, extracts and edibles.

About the grower

Flowers have always inspired McCafferty. He’s always loved the southern magnolia tree, known for its pretty dark green leaves and its large and fragrant flowers. Now he finds beauty (and a career) in bouquets of marijuana flowers.

Grandiflora Genetics is named after the southern magnolia’s Latin name: Grandiflora mongolia, meaning “large flowers.” Appropriately, the Grandiflora facility is located on Magnolia Street in Oakland.

McAfferty launched Grandiflora Genetics in 2008 as part of Oakland’s Equity Permit Program, which aims to remove barriers to cannabis licensing for those who have been most victimized by the war on drugs. Because he has lived within a police beat with a disproportionately high number of cannabis-related arrests, McAfferty qualified for permit fee waivers and technical and financial assistance to launch the brand that so many have come to love. 

Shop Grandiflora Genetics at Ice Kream Dispensary

Strains from Grandiflora Genetics are exclusive and often drop in limited quantities. Ice Kream Dispensary is proud to be a select retailer of Grandiflora Genetics.

Shop current products online or call the store at (844) 539-0136 to see what’s in stock today.