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Heavy Hitters

Heavy Hitters’ pure and potent vape cartridges available for purchase from Ice Kream Dispensary

Vape cartridges are known for being pure and potent, and no one knows how to deliver ultra pure and ultra potent cannabis concentrates better than Heavy Hitters.

Heavy Hitters was founded in Los Angeles during the cannabis renaissance of the ‘90s and is considered the original producer of high-potency vape cartridges. Many loyal customers believe that Heavy Hitters changed the cannabis landscape with the introduction of oil cartridges, giving cannabis users a way to smoke without the coughing fits or smells.

Heavy Hitters cartridges deliver up to 95% THC, with every puff offering a consistent hit of carefully cultivated marijuana strains. Heavy Hitters specializes in uniting lush farms with the top artisans and scientists to craft the best strains for their concentrates. All Heavy Hitters cartridges proudly meet or exceed the California standards for cannabis excellence and safety, earning the product the Clean Cannabis Guarantee seal. 

However, being a leader in the industry means you’re prone to counterfeits. Heavy Hitters is only sold by select retailers in California, including Ice Kream Dispensary.

The Heavy Hitters difference

Heavy Hitters uses a signature Cold-Filtering technology that purifies the oil beyond standard distillation, resulting in a consistent and ultra-potent cannabis oil and a better experience for the customer. When THC is extracted from the cannabis plant, lipids (fatty acids) are also extracted. Those fats can dilute the cannabinoid fraction, lowering the purity of the concentrate, and can even burn on the coil of a vape pen and cause a burnt taste. Cold extraction methods, like the proprietary method used by Heavy Hitters, is the best extraction method for minimizing lipids in marijuana concentrates.

Heavy Hitters carts also boast True Ceramic heating elements. The ceramic coating on the cartridges ensure an even heat, resulting in consistent hits and no burnt taste. 

Heavy Hitters vape kit

Although Heavy Hitters cartridges are fitted with a standard 510 thread, making them compatible with most pens on the market, Heavy Hitters now offers the Ultimate Variable Voltage Battery to deliver a vaping experience that matches the quality of the oil being used. The kit offers an adaptive button that cycles through three voltage settings to create the ultimate dosing fluidity.

Shop Heavy Hitters at Ice Kream

A variety of Heavy Hitters cartridges are available for purchase from Ice Kream Dispensary. The most popular cart is Northern Lights, an indica providing a sleepy and heavy high that’s perfect for a movie night or insomnia. Another top seller is the Jack Herer high-potency cartridge, a sativa delivering the quintessential daytime high that’s perfect for creatives or those in need of a little focus.

Vapers can expect between 200-300 puffs from the 1-gram cartridges sold at Ice Kream.

No matter what kind of high you’re looking for, Ice Kream Dispensary sells the perfect Heavy Hitters vape cartridge for you. Shop current products online or call the store at (844) 539-0136 to see what’s in stock today.