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Get to know your roll: Packwoods pre-rolled blunts available for purchase at Ice Kream Dispensary

Skip the prep and go right for the high with Packwoods’ pre-rolled blunts.

Founded in 2017 in Los Angeles, Packwoods is a cannabis company known for delivering a superior slow-burning blunt. 

Each classic Packwoods blunt is packed with two grams of pure, organic and unadulterated cannabis. Packwoods uses proprietary indoor grown cannabis strains that are lab-tested and guaranteed to remain free of pesticides. 

The hand-rolled blunts are masterpieces. The flower is hand-broken, meaning the nugs still glisten with trichomes. Each pre-roll is 100% tobacco-free thanks to a leaf wrap, and an engineered glass filter gives a smooth draw every time. The infused blunts are dusted in kief, with the concentrate adding potency to an already strong product.

Packwoods blunts are commonly enjoyed by big-name rappers including Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa and Berner, securing the brand’s reputation as being the best money can buy.

A blunt from Packwoods is a lot to enjoy on your own, so be prepared to impress your friends with the pre-roll when you share it.

Shop Packwoods at Ice Kream Dispensary

Ice Kream Dispensary is a trusted vendor of Packwoods pre-rolled blunts. From single blunts to three-packs of mini “packarillos,” Ice Kream carries a variety of flavors and rolls for your enjoyment.

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