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Seed Junky

Seed Junky Genetics brings innovation and high standards to Ice Kream Dispensary customers

Known for bringing “the new, new” to the Los Angeles cannabis scene, Seed Junky Genetics has created several fan-favorite strains.

Seed Junky Genetics prides itself on identifying flavors and strains that cannabis connoisseurs around the world will love, a skill built over 15 years in the business. Many major dispensaries source their flower from Seed Junky Genetics because they know they’ll be supplied the most-hyped strains and flavors. 

Best known for their powerhouse strains Wedding Cake, G-Rod OG and Gelato 33, Seed Junky Genetics has won several Cannabis Cup awards over the years. THC content in Seed Junky Genetics’ strains has been known to exceed 30 percent, giving the brand a reputation for potency.

Seed Junky was founded by Jbeezy, a distinguished breeder who has been combining high THC and high terpene blends for more than 15 years. He’s a relentless innovator who prides himself on bringing “the new, new” to the cannabis industry.

Through experience, Jbeezy has learned that conventional cloning techniques can harm the precious crop. The practice typically exposes growers to potential pesticides and disease, and the most desirable traits of a strain fade over multiple generations of cloning.

That’s why Seed Junky uses a process called “tissue culture micropropagation to clean and multiply clones in its ISO-certified lab. Small fragments of a mother plant are introduced to an artificial medium with nutrients, which encourages growth. The process means Seed Junky plants are free of pesticides and disease, and the desirable traits hold on strong. Unlike many local breeders, Seed Junky cultivates in a large-scale production facility to provide commercially viable genetics to their cultivation and retail partners. 

Seed Junky promises a comprehensive quality assurance and control program to ensure that all products are rigorously tested by a third-party laboratory for cannabinoid potency and a variety of contaminants, including mold, bacteria and heavy metals.

Shop Seed Junky Genetics at Ice Kream Dispensary

Although Ice Kream Dispensary is constantly updating inventory to deliver the best quality products at the best prices, customers can usually count on finding flower or smalls from a Seed Junky Genetics strain in stock.

Pineapple Fruz, a phenotype of Ed Rosenthal’s Super Bud, is a popular hybrid strain at Ice Kream. The weed is known to make users feel uplifted and relaxed and offers intense tropical flavors with undertones of pineapple and diesel. Other popular strains that have been spotted in rotation include the Bubblegum Sherb, Blood Orange Cake and Purple Push Pop.

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